About Us
  • The Practice

    In 1988, Laceco opened its doors in Beirut as a multi-disciplinary architectural and consultancy firm.
    It soon cemented its position as one of Lebanon's most prominent Architectural and Engineering names through its design of some of the country's major projects.

    Over the last few years, Laceco has diversified its involvement and expanded its presence in the region through several commissions for large-scale projects creating landmark developments that have become references for public and private developers.

    Today, Laceco has offices in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Erbil, Baghdad and Jeddah with a team of over 300 professionals, supported by a wide network of specialized consultants.

    From the urban planning of entire city centers and districts, to the design of mixed-use projects, educational and sports complexes, religious buildings, commercial centers, hotels and resorts and large-scale environmental and infrastructure projects, Laceco is continuously growing in an ever-challenging social, cultural and economic context.

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to create, innovate and meet our clients' objectives by designing esthetically refined, contextually distinctive, functional, sustainable, and cost efficient buildings and developments.

    At Laceco, we customize our work strategies and methodologies for each project and every project.

    We assist our client in clearly defining their intent and comprehensively analyze legal, technical and environmental constraints.

    Socio-cultural layers are reinterpreted within a contemporary approach, integrating our architectural and urban concepts with their context.

    Programs and functional schemes are reviewed and discussed with all end users; Technical options are constantly optimized through Value Engineering, providing our clients with the most suitable choices. Construction costs are methodically estimated, updated and controlled.

    The synergy between experienced architects, planners and engineers and the teams of young architects, each challenging and enriching the other, is at the base of our success.

  • Services

    Architectural Design
    Conceptual Design
    Design Development
    Interior Design
    Master Planning
    Regional Planning
    Urban & Rural Planning
    Urban Design
    Landscape Design
    Structural Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Roads & Highways

    Quantity Surveying
    Cost Estimates
    Contract Documentation
    Value Engineering
    Water Treatment & Re-use
    Solid Waste Management
    Air Pollution
    Energy Modeling
    Environmental Monitoring
    Design Management
    Assistance to Bidding
    Construction Management
    Construction Supervision
    O & M Supervision
  • Sustainability

    Sustainable design is no longer an option within our industry. Today, it is a standard practice through all disciplines. At Laceco, sustainability has been a key driver of our development for the last decade. At each stage of the project's life cycle, our teams collaborate and innovate to develop high-performance energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

    We are committed to the core value of design excellence, which includes delivering projects that are both innovative and sustainable.

  • The Team


    Salim Diab
    Fayez Makkouk
    Vice President
    Bilal Alayli
    Executive Director
    Marwan Saleh
    Design Principal

    Spread across our six offices in Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Sharjah, Baghdad and Jeddah, the Laceco team consists of over 300 professionals, along with our trusted global network of consultants, who are committed to working together.

    Stemming from a variety of different backgrounds, our team is made up of young graduates who work alongside a strong core of experienced architects and engineers, each bringing their own unique expertise and focus.

  • Certifications